Solaire Sunless Spray Tanning

About Solaire

After its conception in 1994 Solaire has become the largest independent importer, manufacturer and distributor of all the finest products for hair, beauty and tanning.


The celebrity following for Solaire products is amazing! Footballer's WAGs, Zoo girls, swimsuit models, grid girls, Dancing with the stars; Melanie Hooper and Miss Universe Contestants. Solaire was used for the Brownlow Blue Carpet and was seen on the Red Carpet of the Logies. Solaire has also won a list of accolades second to none, including for the fourth year running being a finalist and again this year winner for the best spray tan in the toughest market in the industry - the bridal market. Solaire guarantees that if a business implements the entire system as does the client – they will achieve results that deliver the perfect spray tan! The bridal industry obviously agrees.

How it works

The Solaire Purely Sunless Automatic Spray Tan Booth is exactly what it says it is... AUTOMATIC! It is specially engineered to give the perfect tan every time. NO streaks, NO patches and with our violet based clear tan there is NO RUB OFF! Perfect for your wedding day and will save those white sheets!


Here's how it does it:


  1. The Booth will firstly spray you with a pre-spray formula. This will completely stabilize the pH levels in your skin and provides a quick moisture surge also adding silky amino acids for a darker tan. Having the proper pH levels boosts DHA development, speeding up result times resulting in a more even and a deeper darker tan, naturally combating the dreaded orange effect. 

  2. Then your choice of the Clear (violet base) or Bronzer (green base) is sprayed to perfection using the Trinity Mist system.​

  3. After all this the Booth will completely dry you with its signature comfort dry pass, covering your body with a gust of warm air so you come out perfectly dry, ready for the rest of your day!



Benefits of our Fully Automated Solaire Tanning Booth
  • PRIVATE, once you are familiar with how the booth works you will be able to have your tan applied in complete privacy. Meaning, you can have a tan without the tan lines awkward free.


  • QUICK, our Solaire Fully Automated Spray Tan Booth will apply all three solutions and completely dry you in under 5 minutes!


  • NO RUB OFF, with our Violet Based tanning solution, the Tan sprays on clear and darkens after you leave without the use of a bronzer! This means you don't have to worry about those white sheets, it wont rub off! Of course for those of you that want that instant tan, our Green based solution is your more traditional tan, containing a bronzer.


  • PERFECT EVERY TIME, because our tans are applied in our completely automated booth it applies your tan perfectly every time


Bookings & Prices

Come in and get a Complete Tan including our pH balancing pre-spray, colour and rejuvenating post-spray from $35!


Please download our Solaire brochure for more information and prices by clicking on the icon below.

Important Information

To get a flawless tan, please carefully read the information below. 




  1. To ensure you tan evenly make sure you wax/shave your legs 2 days before your appointment.

  2. Do not wash your hair the day before your tan, some shampoos and conditioners contain Silicon. Silicon can cause the tan to streak.

  3. 24 hours before your spray tan EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE YOUR WHOLE BODY we cannot over stress the importance of pre-tan exfoliation. We recommend using the Solaire pH Balancing Body Wash and a good loofah. Also exfoliate your face with your preferred exfoliator. You may apply your face creams and/or makeup.




  1. Wash your body using the Solaire pH Balancing Body Wash.

  2. Wash your face with your preferred cleanser.

  3. DO NOT apply any moisturisers to body or face.


Now your ready for your perfect tan.



  1. Depending on how dark you want your tan to be, have a warm water rinse off in 2-4 hours after application. However we will advise you on the optimum time.

  2. The next day have a warm water rinse only.

  3. The following day (day 2) use a pH balanced body wash; we recommend Solaire Skin Radiance Nourishing Body wash. You can also apply Solaire Skin Radiance Maxi-Tan Extender to help extend the life of your tan before going to bed.