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Lift - Tone - Hydrate

Intraceuticals Course Offers

Rejuvenate Course Offer

The complete rejuvenation system to bring your skin to its full potential. The Rejuvenation course is a series of six professional treatments. Designed to be performed once weekly for 6 weeks. Also including Rejuvenate skincare products:


1x Cleansing Gel

1x Hydration Gel

1x Moisture Binding Cream

1x Eye Gel

6x Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Treatments


Course Offers
Opulence Course Offer
Illuminate - Brighten - Tighten

The complete brightening system to bring your skin to its full potential. The Opulence course if a series of six professional treatments. Designed to be performed once weekly for six weeks. Included are full sized Opulence skincare products:


1x Brightening Cleanser

1x Hydration Gel

1x Moisture Brightening Cream

6x Intraceuticals Opulence Treatments

Clarity Course Offer
Clear - Refine - Calm

The Clarity Course is a series of six professional treatments. Designed to be performed twice weekly for three weeks. Included are full sized Clarity skincare products:


1x Gel Cleanser Sensitive

1x Treatment Gel Sensitive

1x Clarity Wand

15x Claity Wand Applicator Tips

6x Intraceuticlas Clarity Treatments

The above treatment courses can also be purchsed in single treatments.

Single Professional Treatments

Single Treatments
Rejuvenate Professional Serum
Hydrate - Lift - Tighten

The Rejuvenate serum provides the ultimate in skin revival. Instantly transforming the way your skin looks and feels, by reducing fine lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating the skin and providing a lifting with a tightening effect.


Opulence Professional Serum
Lighten - Brighten - Tighten

The Opulence serum uses Low Weight Hyaluronic to deliver botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C, softening the appearance of pigmentation and balance uneven skin tone. Helpful for sun-damaged skin & premature ageing.

Clarity Professional Serum - Sensitive
Clear - Refine - Calm

The Clarity serum sensitive delivers powerful antioxidants and vitamins to the skin. The calming formula with light-weight hyaluronic to smooth the appearance of the skin. To be used on enlarged and congested pores in problem-prone skin, adult & hormonal blemishes and blemishes.


Boosters    Treatments

Boosters+ Treatments
Collagen Booster
Restore - Tighten - Volume

Provides a potent cocktail of collagen messenger peptides to promite skin renewal and rejuvenation and helps to restore volume and tightness to skin that has lost its elasticity, tone and density. Promoting firmer, tighter looking skin.

Vitamins C+3 Booster
Smooth - Brighten - Strengthen

Helps smooh, strengthen, and protect healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin C to benefit all skin types but especially skin with signs of premature ageing, irregular tone and sun damage. Also helping to brighten and improves the appearance of hyper- pegmentation

Vitamin A Booster
Regenerate - Clarity - Refine

Improves the appearance of visable pores and blemish prone skin. Clarifies and brightens dull or congested skin, softens and smoothes rough skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidant Booster
Detox - Revitalise - Balance
Atoxelene Professional Serum
Target - Smooth - Lift

The Atoxelene serum combines anti-ageing properties of peptides, anitoxidants, hydraluronic acid and botanicals. To target specific areas of concern like expression lines around the eyes, lips and forehead, lines around the nasal folds and also helps reduce wrinkle appearance without loss of expression.


Atoxelene is applied to the specific areas of concern only and to be used as a targeted serum in conjunction with our Rejuvenate, Opulence & Clarity treatments.


Revitalises and balances dull stressed skin with exceptionally powerful natural antioxidants sourced from the Australian Rainforest, it addresses visible puffiness and dark circles around the eye area, making it perfect for tired of travel-weary skin. Also addresses redness and visible capillaries.

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