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Hair Removal

About Caronlab Australia

Since 1979 Caronlab Australia has been dedicated to helping deliver superior waxing products, exceptional service and industry-leading education.


They are more than just wax; they're the experience that embodies knowledge, reliability and performance, making them the number one choice for K.O Beautyzone.

Body Waxing

Brazilliant Film Wax


For all our Body Waxing we use Caronlab Australia's Brazilliant  2-in-1 Film Wax™


The low working temperature minimises irritation. It’s perfect for all body areas including Brazilians, legs, underarms, back, chest and face.

Viva Azure Shimmer


Cool Advanced Formula with azulene & mica for rapid recovery of the skin!


This ultra-flexible, elastic wax has a cool advanced formula, containing Azulene and Mica to soothe and calm and assist in rapid recovery of the skin. Its unique, strong, non-brittle formulation has a powerful grip, making it ideal for exceptional results in removing short, coarse and stubborn hair. 

Facial Waxing

Deluxe Strawberry Crème


Soft and silky!


Deluxe Strawberry Crème is designed to pamper the senses with a decadent strawberry scent and its luxurious velvety texture. With Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness in the skin, it's perfect for waxing delicate areas and for those with sensitive or mature skins.


Electrolysis is the only medically proven method of permanent hair removal at this time and is performed by trained professionals (electrologists) using specifically designed electronic equipment that destroys the hair germinating cells with a carefully controlled localised current.


Treatments may range over a period of twelve to eighteen months, depending on the amount of hair and its growth stage. Re-growth occurs as a result of resting cycles so subsequent visits will eventually destroy the regeneration cycle and the hairs will become finer in texture until hair growth ceases. Appointment times can range from fifteen minutes to one hour with results being seen after three to four treatments.

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