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Introducing Intraceuticals

Intraceuticals is an Australian company founded in 2002 as a result of research into various applications of oxygen. Development of the Intraceuticals Treatment known as the "Oxygen Facial", has been a revolution in the professional skincare market. For the first time offering a crossover treatment which validates the relaxation and pampering aspects of the services while delivering dramatic instant results with no down time.


Continued product development has further enhanced Intraceuticals offering to include a full range of skincare products. Cutting edge use of Hyaluronics and peptides provides long term benefits for deep expression lines and wrinkles that you can see every day!

3 Step Hyaluronic Layering

Intraceuticals' proprietary 3 step Hyaluronic layering is an underpinning philosophy behind the entire Intraceuticals product range. The layering process combines three specific combinations of Hyalauronics which work together to provide perfect hydrodynamics designed to deliver hydration and ingredients to the upper layers of the skin.

Treatment Collections

Rejuvenate Collection
Lift - Tone - Hydrate

Maximises Skin Hydration and volume and instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for sensitive skins, developed to provide an instant and dramatic improvement you can see and feel.

Opulence Collection
Illuminate - Brighten - Tighten

Maximises skin hydration and minimises the appearance of uneven skin tones. Helps to deliver effective skin brightening ingredients to provide a radiant, bright and luminous appearance to the skin.

Clarity Collection
Clear - Refine - Calm

Targets problem prone skin while helping to smooth and soften rough texture and pore sixe. Delivers effective ingredients to help balance and calm the appearance of blemish prone skin without dryness.

Atoxelene Collection
Smooth - Hold - Prevent

A targeted spot treatment that instantly revives and refines areas of expression. Helps to soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Provides a visable lifting and plumping effect to the brow and lip contour and is considered a natural non-medical alternative to more invasive procedures.

Customised - Focused - Results

Four powerful, targeted additives to use alone or combined with Daily Serum as revive, the first step in 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering.

Collagen Booster
Restore - Tighten - Volume

Provides a potent cocktail of collagen messenger peptides to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation and helps to restore volume and tightness to the skin that has lost its elasticity, tine and density.

Vitamins C+3 Booster
Smooth - Brighten - Strengthen

Helps smooth, strengthen, and protect healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin C to benefit all skin types but especially skin with signs of premature ageing, irregular tone and sun damage.

Vitamin A Booster
Regenerate - Clarity - Refine

Clarifies and refines the appearance of skin prone to blemishes, visible pores, sun damage, uneven texture or deep wrinkles. A new "release on demand" form of Vitamin A increases potency, enhances product stability and reduces irritation.

Antioxidant Booster
Detox - Revitalise - Balance

Revitalises and balances dull, stressed skin with exceptionally powerful natural antioxidantes sourced from the Australian Rainforest, it addresses visible puffiness and dark circles around the eye area, making it perfect for tired of travel-weary skin.

Celebrity Testimonials

Get that Hollywood touch, countless celebrities rely on Intraceuticals for the flawless skin. From International artists to the stars on the big screen to Victoria Secret models, they all love intraceuticals and the results they can acheive. Check out just a few testemonials below!

To see more testemonials please click here.

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